Petroleum Product Testing

Aniline Point Apparatus

Method A:

Aniline point apparatus as per IP 2 & IP 1448(P-3), ASTM D-611 method A complete with jacket without thermometer.

Optional Accessories:
  1. Spare outer Jacket with cork.
  2. Spare tube with cork.
  3. Heater with energy regulator
Method B:

Aniline point apparatus as per IS 2 method B, IS 1448 (P-3), ASTM-D 611 by thin film method Electrically heated with energy regulator and motorised stirrer (without thermometer).

Optional Accessories:
  1. Spare tap
  2. Spare contraction chamber
  3. Do with light arrangement
  4. Spare Metal Stirrer.
Optional Accessories

The following accessories are not part of the standard supply and supplied at an extra cost

  • Open clip for converting Close model to open cup test model as per IP 35.
  • IP 15C Low Range (-7-1100C x 0.50C) thermometer
  • IP 16C High Range (900C – 3700C x 20C) thermometer
  • Electric FHP motor with stirrer (in place of hand stirring)
  • Voltage varrier temp. controller with digital temperature indicator.