General Analysis Lab Equipment

Jar Test Floculator

For uniform stirring up to six samples simultaneously. With variable speed 20 to 100 RPM approx. DC electric motor with electronic speed regulator. Strong M. S. Housing, stainless steel stirring paddles, arrangement to adjust paddle height, beakers up to 2000 ml. capacity can be used with ON/OFF switch and built in fluorescent tube. Supplied without glass beaker.

CAPACITY 1 Ltr. / 2 Ltrs:
  • For two stirrers.
  • For four stirrers.
  • For six stirrers.
  • Aluminium Tray : 16 SWG 16″× 32″× 1 1/4″
  • Digital Timer for Time Setting
  • Timer 0-60 minutes, extra.
  • Speed revolution counter extra to cost. (Mechanical)
  • Microprocessor based Digital Speed Meter.
  • Attachment for feeding dose to all the stirring unit simultaneously.
  • For 2 stirrer jar test.
  • For 4 stirrer jar test.
  • For 6 stirrer jar test.
  • High speed jar test apparatus from 10 to 200 RPM.
  • Complete body stainless steel for 2 stirrer
  • Complete body stainless steel for 4 stirrer
  • Complete body stainless steel for 6 stirrer