General Analysis Lab Equipment

Hote Plate

Body made of thick PCRC sheet-power coated or stainless steel (S.S.304).Top plate made of heavy C.I. or stainless steel and is fitted with the body in such a way that, the body gets minimum heat while the top plate is fully heated. Supplied complete with pilot indicating lamps, power plug and cord wire to work on 220/230 AC, Single phase. With three heat control switch and energy regulator.

Top plate size (mm):
25 X 30
25 X 40
30 X 50
45 X 60

Digital Temperature Controller with sensor in place of energy regulator control.

Specia Note:

The top plate of hot-plate will be heavily casted in C.I. or in S.S. and will not be fabricated from M.S. plate or S.S. plate.